Art: The Diver

I spotted a version of the photograph below on One King’s Lane a while back. Although I was too late for the sale, I keep coming back to stare at the image. It’s thrilling, calm, fun, and scary all at the same time. What do you think?

diver-photograph-William Stafford

Diver II

I hope everyone is having a great week. I’ll be sharing photos from NYC as soon as I finish uploading them! I did post a few on Instagram, if you’d like to have a look. I hadn’t been to Grand Central Station in a few years, so I went a little photo crazy in there. Such a gorgeous (and very busy) place!


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20 Below: Be Happy Tattly


Be Happy Tattly, $5 

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Celebration: Happy Easter Weekend!

I’m taking a break from the blog for a few days to enjoy some time with my family in NYC (think storytime and fort-building, rather than 30 Rock and high heels in the Meatpacking District). I hope you all have a happy Easter and you have good luck finding eggs, chocolate, and jelly beans in any hunts you may enjoy!


Have a good weekend!

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Travel: Fabergé Presents The Big Egg Hunt New York

While you may already be familiar with backyard Easter egg hunts, I’m sure you’ve seen nothing quite like The Big Egg Hunt that is currently happening in New York City. Artists have designed, sculpted, and transformed huge eggs and their creations have been placed around the city for us to find. The event is sponsored by the grand dame of gorgeous eggs – Fabergé – (obviously, right?) and every egg is up for purchase at auction. If the eggs are too big (or too pricey), mini eggs are available for purchase.

Emma Clegg-B-egg-NYC

B by Emma Clegg (current bid: $8000)

Shantell Martin-egg

Are You You by Shantell Martin (current bid: $700)

Zaha Hadid-egg

Liquid Skyline by Zaha Hadid (current bid: $31000)

Debbie Millman-egg

Egg White by Debbie Millman & Kevin O’Callaghan (current bid: $900)

Marc Quinn-egg

Untitled by Marc Quinn (current bid: $16000)


The Rose Palace Egg by Marchesa (current bid: $1000)


Dollop by Katherine Kokoska (current bid: $500)

David Ling-egg

Cracked Egg by David Ling Architect (current bid: $600)

Indira Cesarine-egg

The Egg of Light by Indira Cesarine (current bid: $2411)

Rachel Hovanian-egg

Narcissus Egg by Rachel Lee Hovnanian Leila Heller Gallery (current bid: $3400)

Suydam Lansing-egg

Untitled by Suydam Lansing (current bid:$1150)

See all the eggs here.

Thanks for telling me about this event, Mom!

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Marketplace: Zebra Pillow

In case you wanted to buy a Zebra pillow to match your inflatable Zebra, I found one for you.


Zebra pillow, $65, Hunters Alley

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20 Below: White Egg Cup

A hard-boiled egg’s best friend:



egg cup, $16, An Ideal Shop

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Marketplace: Chapters-Indigo Spring Collection

Chapters-Indigo is one of those stores that is continually improving. Each season brings new home decor, fashion, beauty, and food and entertaining items, not to mention a variety of new and interesting books. I know I’m not alone when I say that spending an afternoon at Chapters-Indigo is really relaxing. If only I had more time, I would read every one of those best-selling books!

Anyway, I headed to Toronto’s Eaton Centre a couple of weeks ago to attend Chapters-Indigo spring kick-off. I snapped some photos of some of the things that caught my eye.

Mugs…why am I such a sucker for a good typographic mug? I’ve got most of the ones featured in these photos (I spoil myself regularly, it seems):


The fashion/style department is the largest I’ve seen it, what with the jewelry, scarves, totes, clutches, and watches. The items are super cute.


Chapters-Indigo has partnered with Etsy and has featured collections from 8 Etsy designers. Way to support artists, Indigo!


I was surprised to see the Nest thermostat in the electronics department. Then again, I shouldn’t have been that surprised considering what a hot product it is for the design conscious customer.


The selection of gourmet food and home decor items seems to be expanding. I loved the little jars of salt (reminds me of the jars I picked up in France earlier this year).

Chapters-Indigo-Spring-White-Cabana-food & decorAnd some books…of course…wouldn’t be a bookstore without a great selection of books!


Photos by Jordana.

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The Friday Five: Lexon Clock Radios

I know we’re all super hi-tech now with iPhones and iPads and blue tooth and wi-fi, but I am in the market for a basic – and stylish – clock radio that I can put in my kitchen. I’d like something small but mighty – and white (obviously). I haven’t found anything in stores as of yet, but my online searches keep bringing me to the very sleek Lexon collection.


Thkyo radio designed by Marc Berthier


Titan LED clock radio designed by Jeremy & Adrian Wright


Prism clock radio designed by Joe Doucet


Hybrid designed by Mathieu Lehanneur


Flow radio designed by Philip Wong

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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Celebration: Happy Birthday Corie!

It’s my sister’s birthday today. Yahoo! She loves anything and everything that has Nutella in it.


white chocolate and Nutella truffles

Happy Birthday Corie!

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Celebration: Rabbits

Easter is just around the corner. While my Easter revolves around chocolate eggs, I know others out there enjoy decorating their homes with any and all types of rabbits. Here’s my round-up of rabbits that are easy to grab a hold of.

s Alley-rabbits

Hunter’s Alley: white handmade finger puppet, $19; recycled metal rabbit, $68; modern ceramic rabbit sculpture, $39


Crate & Barrel: Eleni’s bunny cookie, $11.01; papier mache bunny, $34.55; bunny plate, $8.81; bunny place card holder, $5.47


Etsy: stuffed bunny toy, $25; bunny iPhone case, $42.60; Easter bunny baby hat, $25; Herend rabbit, $95;  white rabbit earrings, $8.62; white bunny party picks, $4.99


Williams-Sonoma: sculptural bunny spreaders, $26.48; sculptural bunny tiny taper holders, $26.48; white ceramic bunny 12-egg platter, $59.65

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